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“Lackawanna County Document Download Shop” Debuts On County Website

County residents, who are seeking to access blank forms and documents from County offices and departments, now have a handy, free “one stop” resource at their fingertips.

The “Lackawanna County Document Download Shop” is an information portal that allows all County offices and departments to list any forms or specific documents that are of use to the public in a central location.

The download shop is similar to a page that was part of the County’s previous website, which was revamped in 2012. The document resource section coincides with the services other municipal, state and federal offices have available for public access.

“This is a great resource for the residents of Lackawanna County,” said Commissioner Jim Wansacz.  “The Document Download Shop makes finding important forms and documents quick and easy for people visiting our website.”

“We are thrilled to debut this webpage, which allows our residents to quickly access forms and documents that they use in their daily lives,” added Commissioner Patrick O’Malley. “Our row officers and department heads were very cooperative in providing the information that was needed to launch this project.”

“The Document Download Shop is a great example of making government in Lackawanna County more accessible and ‘user-friendly,’” Commissioner Ed Staback explained.  “We hope this is an asset to our employees as they work each day to serve our residents.”

Visitors to the County’s website ( can access the Document Download Shop by scrolling down the homepage and then clicking on the pink “Document Shop” button on the right side of the page. The button takes users to a listing of all County offices and departments.

People can access the documents by simply clicking on the name of the office or department that hosts the information they need. A list of documents will be displayed so that the user can just click on the desired item to download a PDF or Word version to their computers. In the case of several offices, clicking the office name will direct users to the specific homepage, where they can access all relevant documents and information.

The “Document Download Shop” is an open resource, available for all County offices and departments to list any forms or data that they see fit.  The offices and departments involved in this  program are: Area Agency on Aging, Arts and Culture, Assessors Office, Clerk of Judicial Records, Commissioners’ Office, Controller’s Office, Coroner’s Office, Courts, District Attorney, Domestic Relations, Economic Development, Elections, Emergency Services, and Environmental Sustainability.

Also, Family Court, Highway Safety Program, Human Resources, Human Services, Office of Youth and Family Services, Parks and Recreation, Prison, Purchasing, Recorder of Deeds, Register of Wills/Clerk of Orphans Court, Sheriff’s Office, Tax Claim Bureau, Treasurer’s Office, and Veterans Affairs.

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PROSPER To Hold Recognition And Press Conference

The Carbondale and Riverside PROmoting School-community-university Partnerships to Enhance Resilience (PROSPER) teams will be holding a recognition and press conference on Friday, October 23, from        9 AM – 10:15 AM at the Lackawanna County Emergency Communications Center, 30 Valley View Drive, Jessup.

Dr. Mark Greenberg, founding director of the Penn State Prevention Research Center for the Promotion of Human Development, will be presenting an update on the research results from the PROSPER study. Secretary Gary Tennis, Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, will offer remarks regarding the importance of implementing evidence based prevention programs. 

In addition, Lackawanna County President Judge Thomas Munley and the Lackawanna County Commissioners will provide comments relating to the value of investing in prevention programs.

Also, the Friend of PROSPER award will be presented to an individual who has championed evidence-based prevention programs in Lackawanna County. Two additional awards will be presented to people who have supported and promoted PROSPER programs. PROSPER sponsors and members of the Carbondale and Riverside PROSPER teams will be recognized for their support.

The PROSPER project is an innovative model for bringing research-based, scientifically proven prevention programs to communities in order to strengthen youth, families, and the community. The focus is on strengthening parent-child relations and problem-solving, building youth life skills, and teaching youth to avoid peer pressure or dangerous behaviors.

The PROSPER team is a collaboration of community partners who meet regularly to assist in program planning and implementation, help secure funding and resources, and provide support and assistance as needed. Working together, they implemented evidenced-based programs that met the needs of family and youth in Carbondale and Moosic and facilitated the activities of these programs.

For more information about PROSPER or the recognition press conference, call Penn State

Extension at 570-963-6842.

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