County Working To Offer Voter ID Assistance

The recent voter ID legislation signed into law by Gov. Tom Corbett has created a lot of questions and very few answers for Lackawanna County’s senior citizens.

Many people are trying to figure-out the proper identification that they need to vote or where they could secure the necessary paperwork to obtain the credentials for casting their ballot in the November election.

The Lackawanna County Commissioners are trying to make this process as simple as possible.

“The ID process has upset many people because they do not know what to do or where to get help,” said Commissioner Corey D. O’Brien. “We want to alleviate their fears, get them the information that they need for an ID card, and, most important of all, have them vote.”

“This was not the best piece of legislation for local governments to deal with. But, we have to, and we will comply,” said Commissioner Jim Wansacz. “In the meantime, we will help Lackawanna County residents with their voter identification needs. We will do this in the easiest way possible without creating further difficulties for them. But, we want everyone to vote.”

“By all means, vote. It’s your right to cast a ballot. Don’t let the voter ID requirement stop you. It would be a great disservice to you, the county and our nation,” explained Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley.

The commissioners had worked with a local accredited college to create a voter ID card that would be distributed at local senior and community centers. But, the idea was shot down by the state as being illegal.

Now, the county’s community relations staff is teaming-up with the state to offer information sessions on this topic. The program would be held at locations throughout the county to discuss the issue and explain the process for applying for an ID card along with the lead time necessary to accomplish this process.

For further information on the voter ID process, contact Jim Rodway, deputy director for community relations, at (570) 963-6743.