Benton Township Receives Community Re-Invest Funding

The Lackawanna County Commissioners presented a $10,000 check to members of the Benton Township Athletic Association to upgrade its Little League complex. The project entails installing drainage in the outfield, constructing a covered pavilion, and repairing the dugouts, storage shed and concession stand. The County’s Community Re-Invest Program is designed to strengthen local neighborhoods by assisting them with local funding for various expansion and enhancement projects.

L-r, First Row; Ty, Thomas and Teagan Vokes; Second Row; Commissioner Partick O’Malley, Commissioner Corey D. O’Brien, Danielle Vokes, Rich Cocchini, Jerry Decker, Commissioner Jim Wansacz and George Kelly, Director of Planning and Economic Development for Lackawanna County.

Lackawanna County Commissioners Announce Funding For Nine More Community Re-Invest Projects

Nine new projects were approved for funding by the Lackawanna County Commissioners today (June 18) through the Community Re-Invest Program that focused on strengthening our recreational facilities, civic educational programs and youth fields.

The funding for the nine projects totals $143,388.

Through the Community Re-Invest Program, which was established in 2013, the Commissioners have approved grants for 47 projects totaling $701,452.

“By approving this round of projects, Commissioners Wansacz, O’Brien and O’Malley continue to demonstrate their commitment to improving the quality of life in Lackawanna County,” said George Kelly, the County’s Director of Economic Development.  “A vital part of our economic development program is to improve our neighborhoods and communities.”

The projects that were approved during this round of funding include:


  1. 1.  Applicant: Benton Township Athletic Association 

        Project Description: Install drainage in the outfield of the little league field, construct a covered pavilion, do repairs to the dugouts and concession stand, and build a storage shed.

        Total Project Cost: $12,500

        Amount from CRP Program: $10,000


  1. 2.  Applicant: North Scranton Neighborhood Association

        Project Description: Improvements to Gerrity Park, which include the purchase of play equipment and a storage building, adding fencing, and doing sidewalk improvements to meet ADA regulations.

        Total Project Cost: $50,000

        Amount from CRP Program: $15,000


  1. 3.  Applicant: Old Forge Athletic Association

        Project Description: Construct a 20’ x 40’ storage structure to house equipment, uniforms and supplies at Pagnotti Park.

        Total Project Cost: $29,525

        Amount from CRP Program: $25,000


  1. 4.  Applicant: Moosic Borough 

        Project Description: Update Red Wing Park with new handicap accessible playground equipment and create additional green space for children.

        Total Project Cost: $50,000

        Amount from CRP Program: $25,000


  1. 5.  Applicant: North Pocono Public Library (Moscow)

        Project Description: Develop outdoor infrastructure for a community garden and outdoor educational space.

        Total Project Cost: $16,000

        Amount from CRP Program: $8,000 


  1. 6.  Applicant: Jessup Borough

        Project Description: This development represents Phase III of the Jessup beautification project, involving the construction of a pavilion at Station Park.

        Total Project Cost: $19,388

        Amount from CRP Program: $15,388


  1. 7.  Applicant: St. Anthony’s Memorial Park (Dunmore)

        Project Description: Upgrade, expand and convert the restroom facilities to meet ADA regulations.

        Total Project Cost: $35,000

        Amount from CRP Program: $15,000


  1. 8.  Applicant: Spring Brook Township 

        Project Description: Create a community park at the fire house, which will feature swing sets, a see-saw, a play set, ADA walkways, and benches.

        Total Project Cost: $81,500

        Amount from CRP Program: $20,000


        9.    Applicant: Greenfield Township Baseball Association

        Project Description: Recreational improvements to Eric Slebodnik Recreational Complex.

        Total Project Cost: $10,000

        Amount from CRP Program: $10,000

Lackawanna County Commissioners Present Wallace Family With First Time Homebuyers Check

The Wallace family of Taylor is presented with a check for $10,924.50 from the Lackawanna County Commissioners through the First Time Homebuyers program. The County is helping families to secure the “American Dream” by covering part of the closing costs and down payment up to $13,500 under this initiative. The main stipulation of the program is that the house purchased must be a first home for the program participants and it must become the primary residence of the applicant. To date, the Commissioners have helped six families purchase their first home.

L-r, Ellen Holden, Neighbor Works; Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley; George Kelly, the County’s Economic Development Director; Asia Wallace, Alaysia Custus, Chino Cutus and Terence Wallace, home owners; Chad Pettus, Neighbor Works; Commissioner Jim Wansacz; Commissioner Corey D. O’Brien and Kevin Messett, President of New Season Financial.