New 911 Simulcast System For Police Calls Is Up & Running

A cost-efficient, state-of-the-art broadband network, providing law enforcement with greater reach and crisp, clear communications is up and running in Lackawanna County.

Commissioners Corey D. O’Brien, Jim Wansacz and Patrick M. O’Malley announced that the 911 analog conventional three-channel simulcast system for the police radio calls is live.

“This radio system is a tremendous asset and upgrade for Lackawanna County. It has enhanced our public safety officers’ capabilities by providing radio service into areas that experienced transmission difficulties,” said Commissioner Jim Wansacz. “The new signal will not only help to save lives, but also provide vital services much faster and efficiently.”

“The new police radio system is a tremendous resource. It shows to businesses looking at our area and local, state and national authorities that we are on the cutting edge of technology by utilizing our wireless network to deliver this service,” explained Commissioner Corey D. O’Brien. “It is also saving the County thousands of dollars because we are no longer using telephone lines for radio transmissions.”

“This radio system is all about providing better service to the public in times of emergencies. It is about saving lives and getting information out to police so that they can do their job,” said Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley.

David M. Hahn, Director of the County’s Department of Emergency Services, stated that this radio project has taken over two years to complete. The system was completed in late September and placed into service.

“All three County police channels were rebuilt from the ground up. We have added several strategically located radio sites in various locations throughout Lackawanna County to ensure radio service to all Police Departments in the County. We hope to do the same with the County’s Fire and EMS channels very soon,” Hahn noted.

The police radio project was funded by a $500,000 COPS grant, which could only be used for law enforcement related initiatives.

Three County police frequencies were rebuilt and new radios, receivers and more sites were incorporated. This undertaking has provided radio signals to hard-to-reach areas, enabling law enforcement officials to better assist the public and get back-up and other assistance quicker when needed.

The County’s wireless network plays a prominent role in this venture. The wireless system is used to communicate through the radios. No phone lines are used, saving the County money.

Lackawanna County 2015 Budget Message

  2015 Budget Message

2015 Lackawanna County Public Budget Hearings

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that The Lackawanna County Board of Commissioners will hold the following Public Budget Hearings regarding the proposed 2015 Budget:

Wednesday October 22nd 11am: Commissioners’ Conference Room, Sixth Floor, County Administration Building, 200 Adams Avenue, Scranton

Monday October 27th, 3pm: Jefferson Township Building, 487 Cortez Road, Jefferson Township, PA 18436

Wednesday October 29th, 6:30pm: Jermyn Borough Building, 440 Jefferson Avenue, Jermyn, PA 18433

Wednesday October 29th, 8pm: Dickson City Borough Building, 901 Enterprise Street, Dickson City, PA 18519