Lackawanna County Groups Celebrate Columbus Day With Flag Raising

Principals from various Italian service clubs and organizations and Lackawanna County government raise the Italian flag in the plaza in front of the Courthouse in honor of Columbus Day and to celebrate October as Italian heritage and culture month in the community.

L-r, Commissioner Edward G. Staback, Michele McDade, Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley, Katherine and Mikhail Barnansky, County Controller Gary DiBileo, County Clerk of Judicial Records Mary Rinaldi, Theresa Tropeano, James Mack Sr. Marilyn Vitali, Raymond Tropeano, Mark McDade, Thom Welby, Thomas Carlucci, James Baress, Eileen Sorrano, Mario Chieffallo, Mary Rose Spano, Christopher DiMattio, Charles Spano, Sandra Graziano and Theodore Riggi.

Lasagna Gardening/Sheet Composting Workshop

Lasagna, it’s not just for dinner anymore!

How would you like some in your garden?  Learn about a new trend in gardening, where you can put in place a nice landscape where you want it to be. This can be done without using any chemicals and

re-using items you would ordinarily throw away.

The Penn State Master Gardeners in Lackawanna County are having a hands-on workshop to teach you how to make new garden beds or enhance established ones with a technique called lasagna gardening or sheet composting. You don’t have to dig or use any toxic sprays.

The Lasagna Workshop will be held Saturday, October 10, at 11 AM at Fellows Park, 447 South Main Avenue, (between Luzerne & Hampton Streets), in Scranton.

This event is free and open to the public.  Please register by contacting the PSU Extension Office at 570-963-642 or by emailing


Lackawanna County Wins A National DGAA Award For Its Wireless Initiative In The Government To Citizen Category

Lackawanna County earned top honors for building a County-wide municipal wireless network that was focused on helping the community in The Digital Government Achievement Awards (DGAA) competition.

“Our wireless broadband initiative has proven to be a tremendous success. It has improved efficiency and connectivity throughout Lackawanna County, particularly in areas of our community that were having less than stellar connectivity,” explained said Commissioner Jim Wansacz.  “The project enabled us to reach-out to the community to share the network to help local businesses, schools, emergency services, and the taxpayers of Lackawanna County save money, create jobs, and live safer.”

“This is really tremendous.  It is very important for us to continue to have state-of-the-art IT services to get our general and emergency information out to the public,” said Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley.  “This award lets companies know that Lackawanna County has the cutting edge infrastructure to compete for new jobs and provide sophisticated computing services and cost saving wireless capabilities to companies.”

“This is great news,” said Commissioner Edward G. Staback.  “It shows the talent of our staff in advancing the County’s technology capabilities in a cost effective manner.”

“I’m very proud of what we have accomplished here, and the recognition that we are getting from other States and Counties interested in following in our footsteps is simply remarkable.” said Jeffrey Mando, Chief Information Officer for Lackawanna County, “We built this network to do something good for our community, and we are on the right path not only locally but also in assisting other States and Counties as well follow that same path.”

The DGAA recognizes outstanding agency and department projects at the application and infrastructure level. The program was open to all United States and international government agencies.  The projects under consideration must be actively functioning, fully operational applications and projects.

Lackawanna County created a business model that is community and economic development driven with a focus on utilizing the network to serve its taxpayers. This model is on its way to becoming a national best practice.