Commissioners Take Landmark Steps to Collect Delinquent Child Support

Lackawanna County got its delinquent child support and made history in the process.

Through the persistence of the Lackawanna County Commissioners, the Domestic Relations Department and a local attorney, a check for $39,772.65 in delinquent child support was collected for Anita Vadala and her family from her ex-husband Jeffrey Borsheski, bringing to a close a six-year saga.

Mr. Borsheski was on the Lackawanna County’s list of “Most Wanted” for outstanding child support.

“This puts everyone on notice that Lackawanna County will take all actions, including selling property, to collect delinquent child support and make sure all families have the resources to take care of themselves,” explained Lackawanna County Commissioner Jim Wansacz, who served as the driving force on the matter.  “I would also like to commend Atty. Frank Tunis and Patrick Luongo our Director of Domestic Relations for their efforts.”

“Persistence paid off,” said Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley.  “The money, which is rightfully Ms. Vadala’s, will certainly be a big help to the family.  This will bring some closure so that they can get on with their lives.”

Atty. Frank J. Tunis handled the case for the County.  He credited the Commissioners for their persistence and allowing him to pursue all legal options to accomplish this, including the landmark step to force a sale of real estate property owned by Mr. Borsheski.  He also credits Mr. Luongo for providing him with the assistance and resources needed to bring this matter to its successful conclusion.

Atty. Tunis had every intension of utilizing State law to force a sale of Borsheski’s Scott Township property to pay his child support.

In an effort to avoid a forced sale, Mr. Borsheski transferred the property to his new wife and stepson, a transaction Atty. Tunis alleged to be fraudulent under Pennsylvania law.  Mr. Borsheski had also skipped town and a contempt of court warrant was issued for his arrest.

However, due to the lawsuit and a recently scheduled hearing to void the sale, arrangements were made by Borsheski’s current wife to pay in full the delinquent support.

According to Mr. Luongo, this was the biggest collection of child support arrears in the history of Lackawanna County.  He also believes, if the property had been indeed sold, it would have been the first forced property sale means of enforcement in the State.

Mr. Luongo credits Commissioner Wansacz for “being behind everyone on this matter.”  He also credits Atty. Tunis for keeping the defendant’s “back to the wall” for several months through the legal process.

In the end, justice was truly served through the persistent and diligent efforts of all involved.

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Staback Named Lackawanna County Commissioner

Former State Representative Edward G. Staback was sworn in as the fifty-first Lackawanna County Commissioner on March 13.

“Commissioner Staback has a long history of public service, and I look forward to working beside him once again,” said Commissioner Jim Wansacz.  “His steady leadership style will be essential to our government during the next nine months.”

“Ed Staback was a tremendous selection by the judiciary.  I want to welcome him to our team,” explained Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley.  “He possesses a wealth of government knowledge and experience.  His contacts in the State’s network will certainly be a great benefit to the overall operation of County government.”

“I am honored that the Lackawanna County Democratic Executive Committee saw fit to move my name to the next level.  I am very grateful to the Judges for giving me this opportunity to serve as a Lackawanna County Commissioner and to represent the 214,000 residents of our area.  I am looking forward to working with Commissioner Wansacz and Commissioner O’Malley.  I would like to take the 28 years I have acquired in State Government and the 28 years of experience I have acquired working with the municipalities and combine that experience to move the County forward.”

Some of Commissioner Staback’s numerous awards and honors include the Four Chaplains Award, United States Legislator of the Year from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Pennsylvania Association of Conservation District Legislator of Recognition Award, to mention a few.

While in Harrisburg, Mr. Staback served on the Gaming Oversight, Finance, Judiciary and Consumer Affairs Committees, as well as the powerful Appropriations Committee and the Rules Committee.

The new Commissioner achieved numerous accomplishments during his 14 terms in the State House.  In his final term, he had three bills signed into law.

Mr. Staback is a graduate of St. Patrick’s High School and King’s College.  He resides in Sturges with his wife, Angeline, and is the proud father of three children and has six grandchildren.

He will start his new position on March 16.