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Commissioners: O'Brien, Wansacz and O'Malley

Corey D. O’Brien, Jim Wansacz, Patrick M. O’Malley


The Lackawanna County Board of Commissioners consists of three elected officials.  The Board of Commissioners serves as the governing body of Lackawanna County.

 Response to Advisory Committee on County Finances

Commissioners’  Meetings

The Lackawanna County Board of Commissioners’ meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 10 a.m. in the sixth floor conference room, 200 Adams Ave, Scranton, PA.

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Administrative Contacts

Commissioner Corey D. O’Brien Commissioner Jim Wansacz Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley
Phone: 570-963-6800 Phone: 570-963-6800 Phone: 570-963-6800
Fax: 570-963-6812 Fax: 570-963-6812 Fax: 570-963-6812
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Administrative Assistant: Christina Sullivan Administrative Assistant: Ashley T. Yando Administrative Assistant: Dorothy Zak

Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff
Phone: 570-963-6800
Fax: 570-963-6812
Administrative Assistant: Traci K. Harte

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