Department of Elections

Marion Medalis, Director

Department of Elections

The Department of Elections in Lackawanna County is responsible for the administration of Elections in the County. Our responsibilities include registering voters, compiling and maintaining the registration of all voters. We prepare and publish notices of Elections, conduct Federal, State & County Elections. The office also accepts and verifies nomination petitions, prepare lists of offices for which candidates are to be nominated, administer the campaign expenditure act. We are responsible for establishing polling places for each voting precinct, training of election workers, and preparing all election supplies to be used at each election, canvass election returns, and certify election results. All voting equipment that is used in each election district is tested prior to the day of Election.

Important dates for May 16, 2017 Municipal Primary Election:

Last day to register to vote- April 17

Last day to apply for a civilian absentee ballot- May 9

Last day for County Board of Election to receive voted civilian absentee ballots- May 12

( Mail completed applications to: Lackawanna County Department of Elections, P. O. Box 4524, Scranton, Pa. 18505 )


Marion Medalis – Director of Elections
Phone: 570-963-6737 | Fax: 570-963-6691


Department Of Elections
PO Box 4524
Scranton, PA 18505-6524


Voter Registration
2400 Stafford Ave
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