Human Services

The mission of the Lackawanna County Department of Human Services is to facilitate and support the development, coordination, and delivery of human services to County residents. The department utilizes their categorical program agencies to implement services that prevent, reduce or alleviate human service related issues, which affect an individual’s quality of life.

Following are the departments and offices, which comprise the human service system in Lackawanna County: Lackawanna County Area Agency on Aging, Lackawanna County Children & Youth Services, Lackawanna-Susquehanna Office of Drug & Alcohol Programs, Lackawanna-Susquehanna Behavioral Health / Intellectual Disabilities / Early Intervention Program, Lackawanna County Child Care Information Services, Lackawanna County Special Services (Homeless Assistance Programs, Human Services Development Fund, Center for Family Engagement).

Information and Resources

Lackawanna County H.S. Plan SFY 2012-13

Appendix A & C- Lackawanna County H S Plan SFY 2012-13-Assurance of Compliance | Appendix B.xls

Appendix D – Attachment #1 – Focus Groups

Appendix D – Attachment #2 – Profile of LS Residents in CSSH

Appendix D – Attachment #3 – RTF Services for Children & Adolescents

Appendix E – Lackawanna Susquehanna ODAP 2012 Needs Assessment

Human Services Coordinated Plan / Fiscal Year 2012-2013

Coord. Plan 12-13-Public Hearing Legal Notice-Oct.9 2012

Public Hearing – CFE Minutes

Administrative Contacts

William Browning
Human Services Director
Phone: 570-963-6790
Fax: 570-963-6658


200 Adams Ave.
4th Floor
Scranton, PA 18503