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 PREA Coordinator/Detention Supervisor – Lackawanna County Juvenile Detention Center


This position assists in developing implementing and providing resources for the Center’s overall effort to comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) and all associated standards issued by the Federal Department of Justice.  This position advises and provides technical guidance and research work in PREA initiatives and compliance reports.

Date Posted: 09/22/16

Date Ending: 10/03/16

 Juvenile Detention Officer – Lackawanna County Juvenile Detention Center


The purpose of this job is to maintain order and supervise the conduct of the residents at the Lackawanna County Juvenile Detention Center. The detention officer is responsible for the prevention of escape, through physical means if necessary, maintaining discipline, and providing guidance to the residents during their adjustment and stay at the detention center.

Date Posted: 09/16/16

Date Ending: 09/29/16

 Administrative Assistant – Lackawanna County Economic Development


The Administrative Assistant is responsible for supporting the day to day operations of the Economic Development department reporting to and directly assisting the Director and the Deputy Director.

Date Posted: 09/14/16

Date Ending: 09/26/16

PT Correctional Officers – Lackawanna County Prison


The County shall have the right to hire up to five (5) part time qualified retired individuals to work in the place of correction officers who are absent from work for a period of thirty (30) consecutive days or more as a result of work-related injury, personal illness, or because of an approved leave of absence. The County will attempt to full these position with retirees from the Lackawanna County Prison.

Date Posted: 02/12/16