Art in the Government Center

Originally envisioned as a way to "liven up" the Government Center, turned into a labor of love for Deputy Chief of Staff Traci Harte and Deputy of Arts & Culture Maureen McGuigan; the 'Beautify the Building' Arts Project took over 1 year to complete, and the finished product has over 100 pieces (and counting!) curated from local artists on display in the building for the public to view. 
In creating the new website, Deputy Traci Harte thought as a way to help those who don't frequent the building, to add the artist's work here as well, so all could enjoy. We are always looking for more local art to display. Please contact Deputy Chief of Staff Traci Harte today: Contact Me

Coal Miners in the Mine - Copy
Arts Mural Aylesworth
Migliore Electric City 12x12
Migliore RR Crossing 12x12 (crop off right to make square) - Copy
Migliore Courthouse 12x12 - Copy
CanadianNational3254_Steamtown (3)
St Ubaldo_6685 lighter - Copy
Lichak Coal Miner in Pen and Ink
Migliore Spruce 12x12 (center and cut off sides to make square))
Landscape with Houses  - Copy
Penn Paper Building (1)
Rennie P 102821d - Copy
Chambe of Commerce Building - Copy
Migliore Umbrellas 16x20 - Copy
Covid19, Archbald Heroes (1) - Copy
Shape of County-People - Copy
Powers Everhart
JoeBidensLifeJourney - Copy
Crisscross_Steamtown (2)
Landscape with Clouds - Copy
lava I - Copy
HarrisonAvenueBridge - Copy
Ritz Theater Building - Copy
mcdademural - Copy
Word Scranton Iron
St Josephs - Copy
burkeradisson - Copy
vote - Copy
tommy - Copy
marktrain - Copy
hearttoarthouse - Copy
jazzmural - Copy
racemural - Copy
childrens library
waverly - Copy
big boy train
central rail
nicholson bridge - Copy
electric city building
trolley museumciocca
coal mine
carbondale city
county prison
albright library
sailor courthouse - Copy
PFSA Breathe
PFSA Scranton
People in the Window - Copy (2)
Transportation Mural - Copy
Bike Rack (1) - Copy
Nay Aug Park - Copy
Lackawanna College 043010 brighter
angels among us (5)
running - Copy
cths - Copy
dad (1) - Copy
Scranton Life Building - Copy
LCGC Mural Project 2022 - Copy
First Friday's CMYK
Connell Park