Data Collecting for Countywide Reassessment 

Lackawanna County has contracted with Tyler Technologies Appraisal Services to assist with the reassessment project.  Tyler Technologies staff will work with the Lackawanna County Assessor’s Office to capture accurate, current information on the properties in your community.

The data collectors will measure buildings and speak with property owners.  All Tyler Staff will wear photo ID badges issued by Lackawanna County and bright yellow vests identifying them as part of the reassessment project.  Local police and officials will receive advance schedules listing the areas where Tyler staff will be working. 

Depending on the nature of the project, data collectors may view a property from the street, use remote imagery, walk around the property, or any combination of these approaches.  Data Collectors will begin their assessment by first trying to contact the homeowner.  They will knock on the door, introduce themselves, and ask if the property owner has time to answer questions about their property (how many bedrooms/bathrooms/total rooms/basement finished or unfinished/any remodeling updates, etc).  Our data collectors are gathering this information at the door, they are NOT entering any homes.  They will then continue to measure the exterior of the home and any outbuildings on the premises before moving on to the next residence. 

A website dedicated to educating residents and answering questions regarding Lackawanna County’s Tax Reassessment Project can be found here:

History of Reassessment
On May 18, 2022, Lackawanna County contracted with Tyler Technologies, Inc., Appraisal Services, to conduct a County-wide Reassessment project to correct unfair property assessments. When Lackawanna County last completed a property assessment in 1968, the national cost of a gallon of gas was $0.34, a dozen eggs cost $0.53, and a hamburger at McDonald’s cost $0.18.   With such an out-of-date system, it is possible for property owners with similar houses to pay different amounts of property tax. 

By conducting a reassessment, Lackawanna County is expecting to change from an out-of-date, unequal assessment system to a system that is based on current, accurate property values. 

It should be noted that reassessment is required to have a revenue neutral tax effect on all taxing authorities.

Four public information sessions have been held to date in the City of Scranton, Scott Township and Covington Township, and one virtually. As Countywide Reassessment progresses, public informational sessions will be scheduled.

The data collection process began in mid July of 2022 with members of the Tyler Technologies team starting in Taylor. Data collection continued in the Triboro area of the County in mid September in Old Forge, and in Moosic in mid November. The Tyler team then moved on to the City of Scranton in December of 2022.

Data collection will begin in the Borough of Dunmore on October 19, 2023

Reassessment Informational Session - Video Presentations

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