Report Fraud, Waste, or Abuse
fraudgrapLackawanna County Controller’s Office

Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Hotline

Please report tips, if you suspect or have knowledge of specific instances of any of the following:

  1. Theft of money, equipment, or supplies;
  2. Illegitimate invoices for goods or services or other false claims;
  3. False reporting of hours worked;
  4. False reporting of travel or other expense reimbursements;
  5. Mismanagement of taxpayer dollars;
  6. Gross disregard of policies or procedures;
  7. Any other suspected fraud, waste, or abuse.

If you suspect or have knowledge of fraud, waste, or abuse of taxpayer dollars, please report tips by calling 570-963-6600 or clicking on the confidential hotline092612 or Mailing your tips to: 

Controller’s Office Confidential
Post Office Box 254
Scranton, PA 18501 

How to report suspected fraud, waste, & abuse:

You may report confidential tips by secure telephone, web form, or the regular mail system. Be sure to include as much detail in your report. Some suggestions are as follows:

  1. What? Explain in as much detail as possible what happened or what is happening?
  2. When? When did the fraud, waste, or abuse occur? Is it still occurring?
  3. Where? Where did the suspected fraud, waste, or abuse occur? In what office or department? Or does it involve a particular vendor, contract, or program?
  4. Who? Who is involved? Who else knows about it?
  5. How much? How much money may be involved?

Tipsters should provide as much detail as possible, including contact information. Anonymous tips will be accepted. Reports of fraud, waste, or abuse in the office of the District Attorney should be made directly to the local office of the FBI. Reports of fraud, waste, and abuse in the office of the District Attorney will be referred by the Controller directly to the local office of the FBI. The Controller’s office or the District Attorney’s office may not be able to substantiate vague or frivolous allegations. 

Contact information for other important resources:

  1. Lackawanna County Controller’s Office: 570-963-6726
  2. Lackawanna County District Attorney’s Office : 570-963-6717
  3. PA Auditor General, Office of the Taxpayer Advocate: 800-922-8477
  4. PA State Police in Dunmore: 570-963-3156
  5. Local Office of the FBI: 570-344-2404

Lackawanna County Controller's Office Confidential Web Form

Please answer the questions below with as much detail as possible. Vague allegations may not be able to be investigated. While you may make an anonymous tip, we also encourage you to include contact information, if possible.