Cost Of County Office Supplies Continue To Decline

Office Supply Chart #3

Lackawanna County’s ongoing commitment to fiscal responsibility can be witnessed across the board with deep cuts in every segment of government, especially in the area of office supplies.

Since 2007, the County has saved $718,335 in its office supply purchases.  This line item demonstrates the level of detail that the County continues to focus on to keep expenses down.

“We are committed to restoring and maintaining the fiscal health of Lackawanna County,” explained Commissioner Corey D. O’Brien.  “As federal and state funds and reimbursement programs continue to decline or be eliminated, we must be truly vigilant in how we do business and what we spend.”

“Everyone is doing more with less,” said Commissioner Jim Wansacz.  “We would like to acknowledge the County’s employees efforts in helping to control the expenditures.”

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Office supply expenses have been on the decline since 2007.  The 2012 purchase total of $439,456 is the lowest total in years.  Doing more with less, securing multiple quotes for the best prices, and using materials judiciously are the leading factors for declining expenses.

Office Supply Chart #2

Cutting back on orders and usage has helped the County’s fiscal recovery.  A rise in savings began in 2007 and continues today.

Being diligent in its spending for office supplies and other goods enables the County to continue its delivery of programs to residents without any cuts or interruption of services.

Office Supply Chart #4

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