Lackawanna County Community Re-invest Program Unveiled

Community Re-Invest Program Info and Application

Neighborhoods in Lackawanna County have long been the foundation of our community.  Various customs, traditions and values were created that have made the respective cities, towns and boroughs unique.

To further strengthen the neighborhoods and to promote their future growth, the Lackawanna County Commissioners unveiled today (July1) their Community Re-invest Program.

The Commissioners have earmarked $500,000 from their economic development budget for the reinvest program.

“Neighborhoods, families and close-knit communities have been the foundation, the heart of Lackawanna County since its beginning.  Our commitment is to strengthen our communities by providing agencies, local government and developers with the opportunity to expand and enhance our parks, open spaces and facilities,” said Commissioner Corey D. O’Brien.  “This program is about giving back, keeping families together, revitalizing towns, promoting growth, creating jobs and making our area even better.”

“This initiative is an investment in Lackawanna County’s future.  We are committed to improving our quality of life and attracting new opportunities, jobs and companies here, while also retaining our best and brightest,” explained Commissioner Jim Wansacz.  “By investing in our communities, we are committing to our future and looking to enhance Lackawanna County up and down the valley.  It is vitally important to move forward and advance the growth and progress of our community.  When they prosper, we all do.”

“This program is about one word – community,” noted Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley.  “It is about people and neighborhoods and helping children to grow up great.  This is our commitment to give back to our communities and make Lackawanna County an even greater place to live, work and raise our families.”

All Lackawanna County municipalities, municipal authorities and tax-exempt, charitable and educational organizations are eligible to receive funds under this program.

The types of projects that the funds can be used for are as follows:

  • Acquire and preserve open space resources
  • Acquire and construct greenways and trails
  • Acquire, develop or rehabilitate outdoor recreational facilities
  • Improve or revitalize community services and/or quality of life
  • Improve infrastructure

County monies may be used as a local match for Federal or State grant applications. Applicants who have secured additional funding or will use the County monies to leverage additional financial support will be given a higher level of priority.

Funding provided through the Community Re-invest Program will be reimbursable to the applicant upon the submission of the project costs encumbered.

The County’s Economic Development Department will manage the program and evaluate the applications.  Funding recipients will be chosen based upon the clearly demonstrated benefit to the community and improvement of services/quality of life in Lackawanna County.

Interested parties can obtain an application from either the County’s Economic Development or Community Relations Departments or visit the Economic Development Department page on

The application submission requirements involve providing:

  • Two (2) copies of the application packet, containing original signatures
  • The completed and signed three (3)-page application form LC-CRP-1
  • A location map, showing the project property boundary lines
  • A resolution authorizing the applicant to apply for  the Community Re-invest funds and agreeing to the “Terms & Conditions of the Grant”
  • A copy(ies) of other Federal, State or private-entity grant applications or grant agreements that are included in the overall project funding

Audits, progress reports, compliance with Federal, State and Local laws and overpayment provisions are other stipulations of the Community Re-invest Program.

This is an open-ended/ongoing program with no deadline for applications.

Interested parties should forward their application packets to:

Community Re-invest Program Coordinator

Lackawanna County Department of Economic Development

Gateway Center

135 Jefferson Avenue, Second Floor

Scranton, PA 18503

For inquiries or questions, call the Economic Development office at 570-963-6830.