Lackawanna County Offers On-Line Tax Certification Processing

Lackawanna County continues to make it easier for people and companies to business with its various departments.

The tax Claim Bureau is now accepting on-line tax certification requests.  This new service compliments the Bureau’s Delinquent Tax Payment credit card program, which has been in effect for two years.

“This is a great addition to our other on-line services,” said Commissioner Jim Wansacz.  “We want to make it easy to do business with Lackawanna County in a very cost efficient and swift manner.”

“The On-Line Tax Certification Program is a win-win situation for everyone,” explained Commissioner Corey D. O’Brien.  “It helps attorneys, title searchers and bankers get information rather quickly and at a reasonable rate.  It also frees-up the Tax Claim staff to handle other fiscal issues and claims payment processing. “

“This is a very valuable service that we are offering to the business community and residents,” noted Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley.  “I want to applaud Ron Koldjeski for adding this service.  We continue to be more user-friendly in our services and have learned how to do more with less which benefits Lackawanna County’s residents.”

Title searchers, attorneys, bankers and real estate agents can access this new service by using a credit card or credit card account.

The system is very user-friendly.  It is set-up for the small office user as well as large businesses.  It enables the user to receive Tax Certifications immediately, cutting the wait time to seconds instead of days.  The old system used U.S. Mail or a fax service to return Tax Certifications.   Now, they will be sent as soon as the credit card is processed for payment.  The Tax Claim Bureau generally processes between 7,000 to 9,000 tax certification requests annually.

There is a $10 per certificate charge.  The on-line service also carries a user fee, which is $2.95.

To use the Tax Certification Program, go to the County’s website  Then scroll down to the bottom of the page.  In the “Our Administration” column, click on “Tax Claim.”  Scroll down to the middle of the page to the “On-Line Payment” section to do your transaction.

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