PROSPER To Hold Recognition And Press Conference

The Carbondale and Scranton PROmoting School-community-university Partnerships to Enhance Resilience (PROSPER) teams will be holding a recognition and press conference on Friday, April 11, from 9 AM – 10 AM at the Electric City Trolley Museum, Cliff Street, Scranton.

Dr. Daniel Perkins of the Penn State Prevention Research Center will be presenting an update on the research results from the PROSPER study. The Lackawanna County Commissioners will be providing introductory remarks. In addition, Lackawanna County President Judge Thomas Munley will speak about the importance of implementing evidence based prevention programs.

The Friend of PROSPER award will be presented to an individual who has championed evidence-based prevention programs in Lackawanna County. Two additional awards will be given to people who have supported and promoted PROSPER programs. PROSPER sponsors and members of the Carbondale and Scranton PROSPER teams will be recognized for their support.

The PROSPER project is an innovative model for bringing research-based, scientifically proven prevention programs to communities in order to strengthen youth, families, and the community. The focus is on strengthening parent-child relations and problem-solving, building youth life skills, and teaching youth to avoid peer pressure or dangerous behaviors.

The PROSPER team is a collaboration of community partners who meet regularly to assist in program planning and implementation, help secure funding and resources, and provide support and assistance.  Working together, they implement evidenced-based programs that meet the needs of family and youth in Carbondale and Scranton and facilitate the implementation of these programs.

For more information about PROSPER or the recognition press conference, call the Penn State Extension at 570-963-6842.

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