Advanced Skywarn Spotter Cource

DATE: June 3, 2015
TIME: 7:00 PM
Location: Lackawanna County Center for Public Safety
30 Valley View Drive
Jessup, PA 18434

Sponsored by Lackawanna County Emergency Management Agency


To train storm spotters about advanced severe weather topics and what to report to the National Weather Service(NWS) and Emergency Management relating to severe thunderstorms, tornados, hail and lightning.

Topics Include:

Review of NWS, importance of spotters and ground truth storm reports, and reporting procedures; radar meteorology, advanced discussion on thunderstorm ingredients and how meteorologists measure thunderstorm and tornado potential including concepts like CAPE, lifted index, and how wind shear affects thunderstorm and tornado development; review of severe weather safety and terminology and how to get severe weather information.

Who Should Attend:

Individuals who have taken BASIC SKYWARN in the past 3 years or someone with a background in meteorology. SKYWARN spotters are independent of any government agency and are not by definition “Storm Chasers”.

For more information, please visit the National SKYWARN homepage at