Transitioning The Farm To The Next Generation Workshop Offered

The Mid-Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable Convention is offering a pre-conference workshop for farm families on Monday, February 1.

The Farm Transition Workshop will feature speakers that specialize in helping farm families prepare for transitioning the farm from one generation to the next. The final session of the workshop will be a panel of farm families who will share their experience of transitioning the farm.

Passing a farm business from one generation to the next is very complicated. A plan must be in place to not only address the legal and tax considerations of a business transfer, but also allow the progressive transfer of farm responsibilities. Experts will share how this difficult challenge can be done to ensure the best possible outcome.

Penn State Extension Educator John Esslinger states “This is a great opportunity for farm families. I have worked in Extension for over twenty years helping growers manage their crop production in such a way to squeeze out every last penny of profit. It is heart breaking to see a farmer’s hard work be undermined because the process of transitioning the farm was not well planned. Farmers should not wait until they are ready to retire to start planning the farm transition.”

If you would like to learn more about what is being offered or to register for the Farm Transition Workshop go to the Mid-Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable Convention website:

The agenda for the February 1 Farm Transition Workshop is as follows:

9 am – “What You Need to Know When Transitioning the Farm From One Generation to the Next”

Louis Shuntich, Advanced Consulting Group with Nationwide Insurance

Noon – Lunch (included in the registration fee)

1 pm – “Farm Family Communications – Dynamics and Challenges and Family Meeting Guidelines” Darlene Livingston, PA Farm Link

2:45 pm – “Families in the Arena” – Lenny Burger Jr. & Lenny Burger III, Burger’s Farm and

Lewis, Walter & Robin Peregrim, Miller’s Orchard Farm Market

4 pm – Adjourn

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