Snow Storm/Blizzard Reimbursement Program

A special meeting for all elected officials, staff and administrators from area townships, boroughs, municipalities, cities and school districts will be conducted by the Lackawanna County Commissioners on Wednesday, March 22, at 6 PM in the Conference Room at the 911 Emergency Services Center, Valley View Drive, Jessup, to outline the process for securing reimbursement for the cleanup related to the recent snow storm/blizzard.

“It is critical for our elected officials or a staff member to attend this program.  In touring the County, I have witnessed how hard we were hit by the storm.  Securing State and Federal money is important for both your bottom-line and general operations,” said Commissioner Board Chairman Patrick M. O’Malley.

County and Emergency Management Agency (EMA) officials will outline the criteria for securing the necessary funding for the cleanup and related costs associated with the work that had to be done to resume normal operations after the storm.

The timeline for the process, eligible and non-eligible costs, the forms to be prepared, and other pertinent information will be outlined at the meeting.

It is important that all of the townships, municipalities, districts and hospitals maintain all paperwork and receipts for the highest amount over a 48 hour period for equipment, fuel, overtime, contractors and any other expenses involved in cleaning up from the storm.  The material will be vital for completing the required forms.

The threshold for Lackawanna County to secure reimbursement for storm cleanup is $740,000.  If this level is met, all parties who submit the paperwork/application would be eligible to receive $.75 on the dollar.

There is a 30-day window for submitting the paperwork for possible reimbursement.