Lackawanna County Supports Performance of Indian Classical Dance At The Scranton Cultural Center

The Lackawanna County Arts and Culture Department is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the community and, in that vein, it is underwriting “Ancient Legacy Modern Land” – Erasing Borders II, a one-hour sequel presentation set for Saturday, November 17, at 5 pm in Shopland Hall at the Scranton Cultural Center, 420 N. Washington Avenue.

The performance, which costs $5 and includes a reception, will feature an Indian classical theme that transcends cultural boundaries.

Though rooted in the ancient classical dance tradition of India, the recital will incorporate diverse musical and cultural influences. The theme will focus on erasing differences of language, culture and religion and incorporate English poetry by famous American and international poets. The program is based on the two-thousand-year-old Classical dance form of India called Bharata Natyam and will showcase how the ancient Indian art form has adapted to its new home – the United States. Transplanted into a new and different environment, it has had to make subtle adjustments to survive and flourish.

The professional dancers from Kala School of Dance, Clarks Summit, will be joined by young dancers from New York, who are dedicated to ensuring the continuity of the art form along with highlighting the aspect of change and adaptation.

The Kala School was established in 1995 by Sujata Nair-Mulloth and has been training students in Indian Classical Dance for the past twenty years.

This project is supported in part by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.  It is also sponsored by a Lackawanna County Community Arts and Culture Grant, a program of Commissioners Patrick M. O’Malley, Jerry Notarianni, and Laureen A. Cummings.

For more information about the performance, please contact Sujata Nair-Mulloth, Artistic Director of Kala School of Indian Classical Dance, at or by telephone at 570-586-3917.

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