This is a response to the email distributed by Lackawanna County employee and President of AFSCME Local 524, raising certain unfounded concerns regarding the new Government Center at the Globe.

To address the issues raised by Mr. Strazzeri, be advised as follows:

  1. Air Quality tests were performed by the County within the past week inside the building and while we are awaiting a written report, we were informed verbally that the results were negative for any contaminants or pollutants within the building’s atmosphere.
  2. There is no asbestos in the building. Any asbestos which was in the building had been remediated prior to and during construction.
  3. The is no mold in the building.
  4. There are three functioning passenger elevators in the building, all of which have been inspected and approved. The fourth passenger elevator is being refurbished, but will not be placed into service until it passes the required inspection.
  5. All fire alarms and sprinkler systems have been inspected by the Scranton Fire Department, as required prior to occupancy of the building. The Scranton Fire Dept. has tested and verified that Comm Center receives an alarm and dispatches the fire dept..
  6. The building’s evacuation plans are being reviewed by Emergency Management and will be finalized prior to the County’s occupation of the building.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Strazzeri has taken it upon himself to raise publicly unsubstantiated and untrue allegations in an effort to sabotage the County’s new Government Center project.

Neither the County nor the highly skilled trade union contractors would jeopardize the County employees or public with an unsafe or dangerous building.  All of the requirements needed to move into the building will be in place and operational prior to the County’s occupation of the facility.


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