Heritage Fair Committee Recognizes O’Malley

The Lackawanna County Heritage Fair Committee presented a plaque to Lackawanna County Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley in recognition of his support for and assistance with the inaugural event held this past Spring at Montage Mountain. O’Malley was committed to organizing a fair as a revenue generator for the area and an opportunity to showcase a wide variety of food, fun and crafts for residents and visitors alike. Next year’s event is slated for the end of May.

L-r, Commissioner Jerry Notarianni, Steve Alessi, Dom Perini, Tina Dolgash, and Armand Olivetti, Lackawanna County Fair Board; Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley; Curt Camoni and Mike Taluto, Lackawanna County Fair Board; and Commissioner Laureen A. Cummings.

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