County Continues To Reduce The Size Of Workforce

Lackawanna County continues to do more with less.  The County’s workforce is at its lowest level since 1996.

The County currently employs 964 full-time employees and 120 part-time employees for a total workforce of 1,084.  This total represents a staff reduction of 37.16% from the 2007 employee count.

“Making county government smaller and more efficient for our residents remains an important priority, and we have worked hard to instill this philosophy in our government’s culture,” said Commissioner Corey D. O’Brien.  “We are committed to holding the line on expenses, and we are asking our staff to continue to do the same.”

“Our administration continues to find more creative ways to do more with less, while continuing to provide important programs and services,” explained Commissioner Jim Wansacz.  “This is the wave of the future; being lean and asking everyone to do a little more.  We are doing all that we can to hold the line on costs.”

The County’s workforce hit an all-time high in 2007 with 1,725 employees (1,361 full-time and 364 part-time).

Reductions began in 2008 when the staffing level dropped 11.83 % to 1,521 (1362 full-time and 159 part-time).  All workforce reductions have come with no interruption to the important programs and services offered by Lackawanna County.

The workforce reductions have continued on a steady pace since 2008.

A chart denoting the staffing level reductions is attached here: Chart