County Expenses Continue To Decline

The Lackawanna County Commissioners have continued the successful formula initiated in 2008 of reducing the cost and size of government with deep cuts in expenditures that have helped to restore fiscal responsibility.

The cuts have saved a significant amount of revenue without interrupting the delivery of programs and services.

“We have cut to the bone. But, we had to in order to restore the fiscal health of Lackawanna County,” said Commissioner Jim Wansacz. “With cuts and the elimination of federal and state programs, we must continue to be even more vigilant in how we do business because there is not much of a cushion anymore.”

“We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce spending and improve our programs,” said Commissioner Corey D. O’Brien. “We have cut deep, but our delivery of services is still intact. We are succeeding by doing more with less and our staff is working in tandem with us to make it happen.”

By operating lean in 2012 and 2013, a combined total of $13, 837,868 in expenditures was cut. The areas of reductions were salaries for incoming department heads, additional staff, lease renegotiations, elimination of County vacancies, debt refinancing and surveillance fees.

The total in expenditures cuts made from 2008-2013 is $37,332,399. The reductions have improved the County’s fiscal situation and while also continuing services for residents.

A spreadsheet highlighting the expense reductions is attached. (click here for spreadsheet)