County 3 On 3 Tournament Supports American Cancer Society

Andrew Kettel, third from left, local Coordinator for “Coaches vs. Cancer,” accepts a $1,500 check for the organization and the American Cancer Society, which represents a portion of the proceeds from the Lackawanna County 3 on 3 basketball tournament. In July, 80 local and out-of-town teams participated in the annual event, which was conducted in downtown Scranton.

L-r, Commissioner Jerry Notarianni, Rick Notari, the County’s Community Outreach Coordinator; Coach Kettle, Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley, Commissioner Laureen A. Cummings, Curt Camoni, Executive Director of the Lackawanna County Visitors Bureau; and Mark Dougher, the County’s Deputy Director for Parks & Recreation.


Code Blue Keystone Mission Shelter is an emergency shelter serving people who are homeless who might otherwise remain unsheltered during periods of extreme winter weather.


Code Blue Keystone Mission Shelter Location: Weston Field House 982 Providence Rd; Scranton, Pennsylvania 18508


What is Code Blue? Activation Code Blue Keystone Mission will open when forecasts 20 degrees or below and/or a snowfall of 12” or more or at the discretion of the shelter executive staff.

Shelter Hours Shelter opens for guests at 9 p.m. (with no exception) Shelter closes each morning at 6:00 a.m.


Shelter Schedule Opening

  • Greet & Register guests Doors Open at 9 p.m. / preregistration may be done at Keystone Mission M & M.
  • Review Shelter Guest Guidelines with New Guests
  • Shelter Guest Meeting/Safety Presentation
  • Verify that guests and all volunteers sign in or out
  • Lights out at 10:00 p.m.
  • 5:45 a.m. Overnight volunteers wake up guests.
  • Clean up crew does their work.
  • 6:00 a.m. Code Blue is Closed.


Volunteer Shift Schedule Times

Set Up/Shower  – 9:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Overnight shifts available.

Clean Up – 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m.

Volunteer sign-ups are on our website:


Guest Guidelines

In order to ensure that everyone has a positive experience, we ask that you follow these guidelines at all times.

The shelter will be open for guests no earlier than 9:00 p.m.  Please do not arrive prior to 9:00 p.m..

No one under 18 admitted.

The shelter is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Clothing – Appropriate attire must be worn at all times.

Drugs/Alcohol – Absolutely no alcohol or illicit/unacceptable drugs are to be consumed or stored on shelter grounds by any guest. If found, items will be confiscated and destroyed.

NO open containers will be allowed in the shelter.

Behavior that threatens the safety of other guests or volunteers may be grounds for immediate dismissal, and you will be asked to leave. Police will be called if necessary.

Harassment – No threats or acts of violence will be tolerated in any way.

Lights Out – Lights out is at 10:00 p.m.

Loitering – There will be no loitering near the building before Code Blue opens.

Personal Storage-You are responsible for your personal items. There will be no storing of personal items at the shelter during the day.

Pets-No pets (other than service animals) are allowed in the building.

Public Areas-Shelter guests must remain in designated areas only.

Smoking is not allowed inside the building (including ecigarettes and vapor devices).

Cots-One guest per cot. Sharing of cots is prohibited.

Stealing – Stealing will not be tolerated. Thefts may become a police matter.

Weapons – No weapons of any kind are allowed on property.

No food or beverages allowed in sleeping areas.

Keystone Mission Code Blue shelter is a zero-tolerance shelter.  Any violation will result in loss of services. 

I understand and agree to follow all rules of this Code Blue Shelter listed and those verbally communicated by volunteers.


Signature _____________________________________________________ Date _____________

COLTS to start on SNOW ROUTES on Tuesday

COLTS will start service on Tuesday, Dec. 17 on SNOW ROUTES. Shared Ride (van service) will operate under the inclement weather policy.

The decision to keep buses on Snow Routes all day will be decided on a case by case basis dependent on the weather.

Please see updated snow routes below:

# 12 Jessup: North Washington Ave. to Green Ridge St. to Blakely St. to regular route to the bottom of Church St. in Jessup.

#13 Drinker / Marywood Saturday: Inbound: Drinker Street to Blakely to Green Ridge to North Washington to regular.

 # 14 Drinker / Chestnut: North Washington Ave. to Green Ridge St. to left on Blakely St. right on Drinker St. on to regular route; no service on Chestnut or Mill Streets.

# 18 Petersburg: Regular route to Prescott Ave. and Mulberry St. (at Turkey Hill) and turn around.

# 21 East Mountain / Oakmont: Regular route to Moosic St. to right on Meadow Ave. to River St., then turn around in Salvation Army parking lot.

# 25 Valley View / Hilltop: Use regular route to South Webster Ave and Brook St., then right on Brook St. to left on Prospect Ave., to left on Cherry St. to South Webster Ave.; no service to Valley View Terrace or Hilltop Manor.

# 28 Pittston: No Rocky Glen Road; no Williams St.; stay at Pittston Plaza.

#31 Old Forge / Stauffer: Use regular route to N. 9th (Robinson) to Cabrini Ave. to 10th to Washburn to S. Main; right onto Drakes Lane and turns around in empty parking lot at former UPS building; no Bridge Street.

# 36 Lafayette: Lackawanna to N. 9th (Robinson) to Cabrini Ave. to 10th to Washburn; no Lafayette St.

#37 Lafayette / Oram Saturday: Lackawanna to N. 9th (Robinson) to Cabrini Ave. to 10th to Washburn to S. Main to regular Oram route; then South Main Ave. to right on Washburn; no Lafayette St.

# 38 Oram: Regular route into Mount Pleasant Drive; bus exits on Linden Ave. to 7th to Lackawanna Ave. to N. 9th (Robinson) to Cabrini Ave. to 10th to Washburn to South Main to regular route.

# 41 High Works: Regular route to Main Ave. to Oak St. to Keyser Ave. to Keyser Oak Plaza; no service on Dickson Ave.; no service on Ferdinand or Theodore Streets. There is no service to Allied Services or Delaware Towers unless otherwise noted.

# 43 Viewmont / Bangor: Regular route to Bangor Heights, then straight on Kelly St. to left on Kennedy St., to left on Edith Ave. to left on Mary St. to right on Kelly St., and back to regular route.

#48 Dalton/Waverly / Clarks Summit: From the post office in downtown Dalton, the bus will make a right on South Turnpike Road and merge right back onto Routes 6 & 11. There is no service to Waverly.

#53 Marywood / U of S: Use Adams Ave. to regular route outbound; no service to University of Scranton; use North Washington Ave. inbound.

# 99 Minooka / Montage (weekday and Saturday): Regular route to EDM Americas ONLY.

Lackawanna County Commissioners Announce Funding For Three Community Re-Invest Projects

Three projects, focusing on pet care, public safety and veterans were approved for funding by the Lackawanna County Commissioners through their Community Re-Invest Program totaling $7,389.  The public-private partnership investment for 2019 is $2,498,577.

The Community Re-Invest Program was established in July of 2013.  It represents the “last mile” funding to help bring the initiatives to fruition.  The overall public-private investment since its inception is $8,191,927.

The projects that were approved during the final round of funding for 2019 include:


       Project Description: A/C and new heating system at facility.

       Total Project Cost: $2,389                        

       Amount from CRP Program: $2,389



       Project Description: Station renovations that include flooring and windows.

       Total Project Cost: $10,000                     

       Amount from CRP Program: $2,500



       Project Description: Meeting hall floor improvements.

       Total Project Cost: $10,399                     

       Amount from CRP Program: $2,500