Lackawanna County’s 2017 GreenSylvania Recycling Competition

Fourteen schools from across Lackawanna County are competing to determine which school is the best at recycling paper in the tenth annual GreenSylvania Competition.

The competition kicked off Monday, May 1, with students and faculty collecting all classroom and office paper.  Schools will be competing through May 26, with the winners being announced in early June.

The schools are broken down into three categories: elementary, intermediate, and high school.  The school in each division that recycles the most paper on a per capita basis during the month of May will win $1,000 presented by Walmart Distribution Center, and the runner up in each division will receive $500 presented by Diamond K, Inc. of Scranton.

“I believe that it is important to instill a culture of conservation and sustainability at a young age.  The County’s support of GreenSylvania in our schools is an extension of this commitment,” explained Lackawanna County Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley.

The schools competing are:

Elementary Division

Carbondale Area Elementary School

Jefferson Elementary Center

Lakeland School District – Mayfield Campus

Lakeland School District- Scott Campus

Riverside Elementary West

Scranton School District – John G. Whittier School

Scranton School District – John F. Kennedy


Middle/Intermediate Division

North Pocono Middle School

Scranton School District – Northeast Intermediate

Scranton School District – South Intermediate


High School Division

Carbondale Area School District

Mid Valley Secondary Center

Holy Cross High School

West Scranton High School

“Together Lackawanna County schools have recycled over 50 tons of paper, saving approximately 1,200 trees, through the competition over the years.  This is a tremendous effort to make a difference in safeguarding our environment,” stated Barbara Giovagnoli, Lackawanna County Recycling Coordinator.

For more information, or if your school would like to get involved, contact the Lackawanna County Environmental Office at 570-963-2017 or [email protected].

Countywide Tire Collection Event September 16-19


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