911 Staff Assists Upvalley Law Enforcement With Clearer Communications Signal

In an emergency situation – medical, family or law enforcement – communication is vital.

It is important for public safety or EMS personnel to have clear, reliable radio service available to call for help or other necessary assistance.

Because of the terrain and elevation, several sections of Lackawanna County have dead air space, causing a major problem.

Archbald and Scott Township were two communities that serious radio signal issues affected response time or securing additional assistance.

In stepped David Hahn, Lackawanna County’s 911 Director, and John Lewis, 911 Assistant Director, to offer support.

“David Hahn and John Lewis actually listened and got the job done in six months,” explained Scott Township Police Chief James Romano.

A new votive receiver was installed at Scott Township’s Municipal Park, the location of its radio tower.  This action has helped tremendously.  It enabled the Chiefs to have clearer communications, allow for better and faster service, and insure the officers’ safety when backup is required.

Chief Timothy Trently of Archbald had similar dead space issues with his radios.  This hurt the department in answering service responses, calling for back-up, or contacting officers in general.  The tower has helped tremendously.

One of the new County innovations that both Chief Trently and Chief Romano are looking forward to is the wireless network.

“The wireless network will be key.  It will widen or provide for more frequencies, enabling us to have a mobile data terminal (MDT) in the vehicle, and also allow us to use instant messaging and Penn DOT’s jnet, and do e citations,”  said Chief Trently.

The installation of the receiver has made public safety service in the upvalley a lot better. More units are now on the road and, with the mobile terminals, dispatchers can send messages right into the vehicles.

All of this technology points to one crucial development – better service to the people of Lackawanna County.