Lackawanna County Wins A National DGAA Award For Its Wireless Initiative In The Government To Citizen Category

Lackawanna County earned top honors for building a County-wide municipal wireless network that was focused on helping the community in The Digital Government Achievement Awards (DGAA) competition.

“Our wireless broadband initiative has proven to be a tremendous success. It has improved efficiency and connectivity throughout Lackawanna County, particularly in areas of our community that were having less than stellar connectivity,” explained said Commissioner Jim Wansacz.  “The project enabled us to reach-out to the community to share the network to help local businesses, schools, emergency services, and the taxpayers of Lackawanna County save money, create jobs, and live safer.”

“This is really tremendous.  It is very important for us to continue to have state-of-the-art IT services to get our general and emergency information out to the public,” said Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley.  “This award lets companies know that Lackawanna County has the cutting edge infrastructure to compete for new jobs and provide sophisticated computing services and cost saving wireless capabilities to companies.”

“This is great news,” said Commissioner Edward G. Staback.  “It shows the talent of our staff in advancing the County’s technology capabilities in a cost effective manner.”

“I’m very proud of what we have accomplished here, and the recognition that we are getting from other States and Counties interested in following in our footsteps is simply remarkable.” said Jeffrey Mando, Chief Information Officer for Lackawanna County, “We built this network to do something good for our community, and we are on the right path not only locally but also in assisting other States and Counties as well follow that same path.”

The DGAA recognizes outstanding agency and department projects at the application and infrastructure level. The program was open to all United States and international government agencies.  The projects under consideration must be actively functioning, fully operational applications and projects.

Lackawanna County created a business model that is community and economic development driven with a focus on utilizing the network to serve its taxpayers. This model is on its way to becoming a national best practice.

PROSPER To Hold Recognition And Press Conference

The Carbondale and Riverside PROmoting School-community-university Partnerships to Enhance Resilience (PROSPER) teams will be holding a recognition and press conference on Friday, October 23, from        9 AM – 10:15 AM at the Lackawanna County Emergency Communications Center, 30 Valley View Drive, Jessup.

Dr. Mark Greenberg, founding director of the Penn State Prevention Research Center for the Promotion of Human Development, will be presenting an update on the research results from the PROSPER study. Secretary Gary Tennis, Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, will offer remarks regarding the importance of implementing evidence based prevention programs. 

In addition, Lackawanna County President Judge Thomas Munley and the Lackawanna County Commissioners will provide comments relating to the value of investing in prevention programs.

Also, the Friend of PROSPER award will be presented to an individual who has championed evidence-based prevention programs in Lackawanna County. Two additional awards will be presented to people who have supported and promoted PROSPER programs. PROSPER sponsors and members of the Carbondale and Riverside PROSPER teams will be recognized for their support.

The PROSPER project is an innovative model for bringing research-based, scientifically proven prevention programs to communities in order to strengthen youth, families, and the community. The focus is on strengthening parent-child relations and problem-solving, building youth life skills, and teaching youth to avoid peer pressure or dangerous behaviors.

The PROSPER team is a collaboration of community partners who meet regularly to assist in program planning and implementation, help secure funding and resources, and provide support and assistance as needed. Working together, they implemented evidenced-based programs that met the needs of family and youth in Carbondale and Moosic and facilitated the activities of these programs.

For more information about PROSPER or the recognition press conference, call Penn State

Extension at 570-963-6842.

October Is United Way Month In Lackawanna County

The Lackawanna County Commissioners have designated October as United Way month. The United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne Counties is conducting its annual campaign to fund vital self help, education and wellness programs to assist youth, the elderly, the disadvantaged and families to gain access to necessary services.

L-r, Commissioner Jim Wansacz, Stig Fromm, Director of Community Impact for the United Way of the Lackawanna and Wayne Counties; and Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley.

PRISON BOARD MEETING – September 23, 2015