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Gary A. DiBileo, Controller

About the Lackawanna County Controller’s Office

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The Lackawanna County Controller is a popularly elected position. The term of office of the Controller is four years, and is not subject to term limitation. The current Lackawanna County Controller is Gary A. DiBileo, who was elected in November 2011 and took office in January 2012

According to the Home Rule Charter of Lackawanna County, the office of the Controller, “in addition to the powers already vested by the general laws of the Commonwealth in the Controller, he shall have, but shall not be limited to…”

  • Auditing before payment all bills, invoices, payrolls, and other claims, demands, or charges against the county government and approve the same only if duly authorized by appropriations or allotments of appropriations;
  • Examining all contracts, purchase orders and other documents which would result in or involve financial obligations against the county government;
  • Submitting an annual report by April 1 to the Board of Commissioners of the audits which he shall have made of the accounts of the preceding fiscal year of all officers having charge, custody and control or disbursement of public monies and other funds…

The duties specified above are only a few of the Controller’s duties specified by the Home Rule Charter and the Pennsylvania County Code. As such, the Controller maintains a certain level of independence from the Commissioners and other elected county officials. The Controller’s office is also responsible for receiving bids and conducting public bid openings on behalf of the county in order to ensure the integrity of the bidding process.

The Controller also serves as a member of the following boards:

  • The Prison Board
  • The Retirement Fund Board, Secretary
  • The Salary Board

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Featured Links and Forms

  1. Right to Know Act Policy
  2. Lackawanna County Right to Know Request Form
  3. Lackawanna County Home Rule Charter
  4. Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General
  5. PA County Code


The following reports replace all previously issued Controller’s annual reports:

2018 Auditing Activity Report
 2017 Auditing Activity Report
 2016 Auditing Activity Report
2015 Auditing Activity Report
 2014 Auditing Activity Report
 2013 Auditing Activity Report
 2012 Auditing Activity Report

Administrative Contacts

Gary A DiBileo, Controller
Phone: 570-963-6726
Fax: 570-963-6489
Email: [email protected]

Germaine Helcoski, Deputy Controller
Phone: 570-963-6726 Ext: 1668
Fax: 570-963-6489
Email: [email protected]

Reginald H. Mariani, Chief Internal Auditor
Phone: 570-963-6726 Ext: 1661
Fax 570-963-6489
Email: [email protected]


Lackawanna County Government Center
123 Wyoming Avenue, Floor 2
Scranton, PA 18503

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