Juvenile Detention Unit


Mary Keller

The Juvenile Detention Center is a maximum security facility for male only juvenile offenders found to be delinquent by the courts.

The unit is presently licensed to hold ten detainees. The unit’s main duty is to maintain order and supervise the conduct of detainees, escape prevention and to provide guidance to all detainees during their adjustment to all programs available at the facility.

The unit offers detainees a full range of services including a full time education, various religious services, social services, drug and alcohol counseling, anger management, family counseling and a state of the art workout room.

The unit also provides community service programs such as facility tours to schools and various civic organizations. The unit also conducts school visits, career seminars at various college and universities. The staff also gets involved in local charity events.

Administrative Contacts

Mary Keller, Director
Phone: 570-963-6506
Fax: 570-963-6308


415 N. Washington Avenue
Scranton, PA 18503

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