Juvenile Probation

Rich Clifford, Acting Director

The Juvenile Probation Department is responsible for rehabilitating delinquent children.

Supervise children between the ages of 10 and 18 who have committed a delinquent act.

The Juvenile Probation Department holds several courts:

  • Truancy Court (for children not attending school)
  • Intensive Court (children out of placement)
  • Treatment Court (children with substance abuse problems)
  • Delinquency Court (children who have committed a crime)

Administrative Contacts

Rich Clifford
Phone: 570-963-6887
Fax: 570-963-6864

E-mail: cliffordr@lackawannacounty.org


Lackawanna County
Administration Building
200 Adams Avenue
5th floor
Scranton, PA 18503