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Keystone Opportunity Zone

This economic development strategy is a partnership between state and local taxing bodies that offers tax abatements for the development and use of land within underdeveloped and underutilized zones. The KOZ tax benefits last for a duration of up to ten years with the anticipation of job growth and economic development.

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Educational Excellence

The Lackawanna County Department of Economic Development oversees Lackawanna County’s Business Development mission to effectively promote and attract job creating businesses to the area.

Whether you are a business interested in moving to Lackawanna County or a local business looking to stay or grow, the Department of Economic Development can offer and coordinate grants, incentives, and low-interest financing which will make your relocation or expansion to Lackawanna County a cost-effective one.

Lackawanna County Department of Economic Development Highlights


Wireless Technology Infrastructure Initiative

Our county-wide carrier-grade wireless network will reduce start-up and ongoing technology costs for businesses and will improve emergency management telecommunications. The project is entirely self-funded and cash flow positive. In today’s high-tech world, businesses demand sustainable, reliable, and redundant high-bandwidth data pipelines to survive. The Wireless Information Technology Infrastructure Initiative will position businesses with the data and telecommunication networks that they require to operate in Lackawanna County.

pdf0625Small Business Administration Loan Fee Waiver Program

The country’s first SBA Loan Fee Waiver Program sponsored by Lackawanna County and designed to stimulate private sector job growth and economic development. Qualified businesses working with qualified lenders will receive a check from Lackawanna County in the amount of the SBA loan fees incurred.


Land Development and Construction Fee Waiver Program

A job-creation incentive program targeted toward businesses looking to expand or relocate operations in Lackawanna County. The County will reimburse a portion or all municipal fees and construction permit expenses for businesses creating ten permanent, full-time jobs in Lackawanna County within two-years of approval. Funding amount is dependent on jobs created, wages paid, the business’ industry, and total capital investment.

Apply for a Business Improvement Grant

A grant available to private sector businesses to pursue exterior façade improvements or purchase/install new equipment, which will lead to the creation of vital full-time jobs. This grant is reimbursable up to $5,000 and awarded on a 50/50 match basis.

150careerlinkPA Career Link Lackawanna offers 50% wage reimbursements to offset training costs during the initial training period of new hires for qualified employers. PA Career Link Lackawanna also offers a full suite of human resources services including job postings, resume and candidate pre-screenings and coordinating interviews in their office.

Current programs offered at CareerLink

Discover Careers in the Healthcare Field

On the Job Training (OJT) Fact Sheet

Work Force Training and Financial Assistance

Computer Fundamentals for the Workplace

SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans Dead Line Updates

Interested to relocate or expand your business in Lackawanna County? Contact our Economic Development team directly:

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Lackawanna County’s Economic Development Partners


Bio Science Fund

Lackawanna County is partnering with the eight-County consortium in the Regional Bio Science Initiative, local hospitals, universities, and The Commonwealth Medical College, and making annual appropriation of funds to become a leader in life science research, development, and manufacturing which will stimulate the creation of private sector biotech jobs.


Lackawanna County is uniting talent with opportunity through its annual Job Fair. This is a free service to Northeast Pennsylvania’s businesses and residents. Contact:

[email protected]

if you would like to participate in a future Job Fair.

Lackawanna County is partnering with local universities, businesses, and job-training partners to coordinate structured internship programs that will train and retain talented young professionals and reduce “brain Drain” in Northeast Pennsylvania.

For more information regarding incentive financing from the state of Pennsylvania, visit:


Guaranteed Free Training Program (WEDNETPA)

Provides grants to eligible business to offer basic skills and information technology training for current staff. Employers may receive $450 per employee for basic skills training and $850 per employee for information technology training.

NEPA Business Finance Center

The NEPA Business Finance Center, through its pool of federal, state and local funds, provides low-interest loans to qualified small businesses. Interest rates range from 1% to 4% and are fixed throughout the term of the loan. The objective is to provide low-interest financing for businesses to cover a portion of the costs of land, building, machinery and equipment that will be used create/retain jobs.

MetroAction Small Business Loan Program

Metro Action offers micro loans (up to $75,000) at above market rates for small businesses that may not qualify for traditional bank financing. The Small Business Loan Program offers a technical assistance program to borrowers.

OECD Small Business Loan Program (Scranton)

The OECD administers the Loan Program (up to $250,000), which provides loans to small businesses located in or wishing to relocate to Scranton. Loans may be used for real estate, business renovations, purchasing machinery, inventory needs, and working capital. Borrowers must create one job per $25,000 borrowed.


School Districts

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