Help Improve the National Broadband Map in Lackawanna County!

We need help from the citizens of Lackawanna County to make sure that their information is correct on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Broadband map.  Right now, the FCC is open to modifications if that information is not accurate. So, we are encouraging all residents, especially those in unserved or underserved areas to check if the information is accurate. If it isn’t, please follow the steps to submit a challenge.

This information will help in identifying those areas that are in need, so funding can be allocated. But hurry, January 13, 2023, is the final date for the mid-summer 2023 map.

Once you go to the FCC website it will ask you for your address, whether it’s a “Business or Residential”. Then you will select “All wired and licensed fixed wireless”. For unserved and underserved locations, you can select the speed of 100/20.  The instructions will walk you through if you see anything that is inaccurate.

By ensuring the information is correct, it will help to get funding to those areas that are in need.

The map is found at

The instructions can be found at