Commissioners have allocated $119.7 million in grants since 2020

Since the beginning of 2020, the Lackawanna County Commissioners have allocated nearly $120 million in grant funding back into our community. The Grant Fund Investment into Lackawanna County is best analyzed by dividing the County into seven regions and breaking down the dollars invested in each of those areas.

Both COVID and non-COVID related grants have been dispersed over the first three years of the current administration, totaling $43,858,098 in 2020; $35,496,486 in 2021; and 40,350,290 in 2022.

The breakdown by region, which is illustrated in the corresponding graph, shows a fair ratio of monies invested throughout the County.

The City of Scranton – where 35% of the county’s population resides – received more than $46.5 million.

The Mid Valley Region – Archbald, Blakely, Dickson City, Jessup, Olyphant, and Throop – where 16% of the County’s population resides received over $21.3 million.

The Abington Region – Benton Twp., Clarks Green Borough, Clarks Summit Borough, Dalton Borough, Glenburn Twp., LaPlume Twp., Newton Twp., North Abington Twp., Ransom Twp., South Abington Twp., Waverly Twp., and West Abington Twp., which makes up 13% of the population received $15.3 million.

The Lower Valley Region – Moosic, Old Forge and Taylor – where 10% of the population resides, received over $11.9 million.

The Upper Valley Region – the City of Carbondale, Carbondale Twp., Fell Twp., Greenfield Twp., Jermyn Borough, Mayfield Borough, Scott Twp., and Vandling Borough, where 11% of the population resides, received $10.5 million.

The North Pocono Region - Clifton Twp., Covington Twp., Elmhurst Twp., Jefferson Twp., Madison Twp., Moscow Borough, Roaring Brook Twp., Springbrook Twp., and Thornhurst Twp., which accounts for 9% of the County’s population, received nearly $8 million.

The Borough of Dunmore, which makes up 6% of the residents in Lackawanna County, received over $6.1 million.

All told, the Grant Fund Investment has contributed to the overall economic growth of each region, which comprises the 40 municipalities that make up Lackawanna County.

Grant Breakdown 2020-2022 copy