Board Certifies 2024 Primary Election

Board Certifies Election

The Lackawanna County Board of Elections, comprising Commissioners Bill Gaughan, Matt McGloin and Chris Chermak, voted unanimously today to certify the results of the April 23 primary election.

According to the Department of Elections and Voter Registration, 36,953 of the county’s 143,652 registered voters cast ballots – 24,249 Democrats and 12,644 Republicans The turnout rate was 25.72% -- 31.7% by Democrats and 25.35% by Republicans.

Among Democrats, 14,257 voted at the polls on Election Day, whereas 10,440 voted by mail.

Among Republicans, 9,992 voted in person on Election Day, whereas 2,204 voted by mail.

Complete results for all 163 of the county’s voting districts are available.