Holy Rosary Center awarded ARPA funds for new roof

694F28DC-A179-40C8-A3F5-8A5401B2B583Holy Rosary Center awarded ARPA funds for new roof

The Lackawanna County Commissioners have made a momentous effort to preserve access to affordable recreation for children throughout the county. The Commissioners made a unanimous motion Wednesday, June 5, to award American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to the Holy Rosary Center to make several necessary repairs.

Holy Rosary Center, 316 W. Market St., Scranton, has been a staple of Lackawanna County for decades, providing accessible and affordable opportunities for children and teens to participate in summer activities, specifically basketball. Commissioner Matt McGloin recalled his own time at the Center, describing the importance of the opportunity for young people to exercise and engage with one another, building friendships and strengthening community bonds.

“I remember having a great time playing basketball, withmy parents watching in the stands,” McGloin said. “I had a great time. It was very rewarding.”

Holy Rosary Center is one of the few remaining facilities in the county that provide spaces for community engagement and recreation at an affordable rate for many Lackawanna County families. The Center houses an average of 500 children of all ages on any given Saturday throughout the summer.

The Center has recently sustained major damage to the roof of the facility, which is unlikely to withstand the conditions of next winter. As such, after exhausting all other grant funds and other such applications, Holy Rosary Center, in conjunction with the Planning and Economic Development department of Lackawanna County, petitioned the commissioners for access to ARPA provisional funds to cover the approximately $300,000 cost of roof replacement.

In lieu of the awarded provisions, the Planning and Economic Development department hopes that the Holy Rosary Center will be able to continue providing affordable and meaningful recreational opportunities to Lackawanna County for decades more to come.         


From left, back row: Jim Marks, Holy Rosary Athletic Basketball Association; Commissioner Chris Chermak, Father Cyril Edwards, Mary, Mother of God Parish at Holy Rosary Church; Commissioners Bill Gaughan and Matt McGloin; Charlie O’Malley; front row: Quinn Kelly and Henry O’Malley