When shopping, bring your own shopping bag. Refuse additional plastic bags from stores.

Avoid buying disposables such as flashlights, cameras and pens.

Use gift bags they are always reused!

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Office of Environmental Sustainability
Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

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Plastic Recycling

There’s currently much confusion on which plastic items go into the recycling bin. Only BOTTLES and JARS are always recyclable. Don’t worry about numbers. After a quick rinse, the tops can go back on and be placed in your bin.

The recycling symbols, triangles with numbers inside, on plastic packaging and containers are on all plastic items… from bottles to toys. The number defines the chemical formula of the plastic resin. Unfortunately, plastic manufacturers chose a triangle to put their number in and not a box or circle. We see the recycling symbol and consider it a green light to put it in the bin. Nope.

Not all plastics are created equal! Most plastic items cannot be placed in your recycling bin. Many are not strong enough to withstand the heat process of remanufacturing. Bottles and Jars consistently pass the test.

There have never been so many plastic items in our daily lives. But finding a market, a factory that remanufactures these plastics into useable items is extremely difficult and often impossible. Many of these everyday plastics hold food items such as bakery and berry boxes, frozen food trays, snack and fruit cups. Do they have a triangle with a number inside? Oh yes they do, but no market.

Generally speaking, when wondering if a plastic item can go into your recycling bin just ask yourself if it is a Bottle or Jar. When in doubt, throw it out!