PA Recycling Law

Pennsylvania enacted a law in 1988 that established municipal recycling programs be established by September of 1990.  This is ACT 101 “Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act”
The goals of the Act are to reduce Pennsylvania’s municipal waste generation by recycling at least 35% of this waste; promote the use of recycled content materials and educate the public on the benefits of recycling and reducing waste.  These benefits include conservation of natural resources, energy and landfill space and reduced disposal costs to municipalities and businesses.
Municipalities with a population of 5000 and over, or more than 300 persons/sq mile had to implement curbside recycling programs.  Commercial, institutional and municipal establishments within each mandated municipality are required to recycle aluminum cans, high-grade office paper and corrugated cardboard.
Non-mandated municipalities may enact recycling ordinances with similar requirements.  
For information on residential and commercial recycling programs in Lackawanna County, please open the Education Brochure link on the Home Page.