The People of Lackawanna County are recycling at a rate near 50%!  That means the people, businesses and schools of Lackawanna County are separating their daily waste and only throwing away half of it.  The rest is going to manufacturing companies to be recycled into new products.  Are you with us?

Studies show the average American generates approximately 4 lbs of waste per day.  The PA Department of Environmental Protection [PA DEP] assigns 0.8 ton of waste per person per year.  That figures includes commercial waste.  What we pull out of the waste stream and recycle or reuse is up to each of us.  Businesses and municipalities report recycling tonnage to the state each year.  That’s our recycling %!   There are areas in the USA setting a goal of ZERO WASTE.  We are 50% there, proud of it and moving forward.  Thank you for doing your part. 

We the People of Lackawanna County are saving natural resources; cutting landfill costs; and creating jobs by Recycling and Reducing our waste!

Save Natural Resources

Everything comes from our EARTH which provides our natural resources.  Most are Nonrenewable Resources meaning there is only so much in our planet.  Once it’s gone it’s gone!!

There are also Renewable Resources such as trees that can be replanted.  Look at the materials below and the natural resources used to make them.  Let’s recycle and save the natural resources.

  • Plastic                         OIL , Petroleum Products
  • Aluminum                    Bauxite Ore hard to find and mine out of the Earth
  • Steel                            Iron Ore
  • Glass                           Sand
  • Paper                          Trees

Cutting Landfill Costs

Lackawanna County made the decision in the late 1980s to build a recycling center to assist the municipal governments, businesses and institutions to reduce the costs of waste disposal.  Major funding was provided by the PA DEP and other governmental agencies for this project.

Materials defined by the PA DEP in Act 101 to be recycled were accepted at the recycling center at no cost.  That is still true today.  These include plastic bottles and jars; clear and colored glass bottles and jars; steel and aluminum cans; high grade office paper, newsprint, corrugated cardboard and leaf waste.

Increasing recycling tonnage decreases the cost of waste disposal at a landfill.

Creating Jobs

Private industry has become involved in the business of recycling.  Remanufacturing plants are providing thousands of jobs for people making everything from notebooks and toys to fabric for clothing and carpeting.  Did you know it takes approximately five 2 liter bottles of clear plastic to make enough polyester fiberfill to sell to a thread and fabric company who in turn sells to a garment manufacturer to make an adult T-shirt?  These jobs are in America.  Recycling Works Lackawanna County!