In a continued effort to block the introduction of drugs into the facility, the Lackawanna County Prison is changing its procedure for sending mail to inmates.  These changes are to maintain the safety of all inmates and staff.  Therefore, as of June 1, 2022, general incoming mail will not be accepted at the facility.  Any mail received will be returned to sender. 

GENERAL MAIL CORRESPONDENCE: All general mail correspondences MUST INCLUDE the Inmate name and Booking number.  It must also include a full return address with the first and last name of the sender.  General incoming correspondence includes, but it not limited to, letters, pictures, children’s drawings, etc.  It is essentially anything that is NOT legal or privileged correspondence.

All general incoming mail needs to be sent to the Lackawanna County Prison’s third-party mail vendor, ViaPath, at the processing center address below:

Effective immediately, all personal inmate mail should be sent to the following
new address:

Lackawanna County Prison
P.O. Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131

Visitor Information for the Lackawanna County Prison

*The Lackawanna County Prison is not currently allowing Personal Visits*

Lackawanna County Prison offers Video Visitation. You can set up visits by clicking on this link:


If an individual wishes to deposit money on behalf of an inmate, he/she may do so by using the services offered through OffenderConnect.

What is OffenderConnect?

OffenderConnect is a deposit service for you to add money to an inmate’s trust fund account and/or your prepaid telephone account.  With several different deposit methods available, OffenderConnect is the quickest and most convenient option to fund your loved ones account. Purchasing money orders, mailing deposits and waiting several business days for the funds to post are now eliminated with OffenderConnect.

There are 3 Easy Ways to Use OffenderConnect:


Lobby Kiosk: Deposit kiosk located at the Lackawanna County Prison. Kiosk accepts Cash ($5, $10, $20, $50, $100 bills) Credit/Debit Cards (MasterCard and Visa brand) Telephone payment: 1- 814-949-3303. Trust Deposits: 1-888-988-4768
Site ID: 18

GettingOut provides simple and reliable communication between inmates, friends and family, which is rooted in the power of relationships. GettingOut focuses on inmate self-improvement and creates “community” with, and between its customers — bound by trust and hope. Our aim is to be a supportive and friendly conduit for making connections, fortifying relationships and offering content so inmates get out and stay out.

From a friends and family point of view it is our hope that the more contact you have with your incarcerated friend or loved one, the higher the likelihood they will be “GettingOut.” From the inmate’s point of view, we hope they see our suite of products as a window to the outside world — a portal that makes them feel they are beyond the walls and “GettingOut.” What’s more, we’re hopeful that through positive connections on the outside and exposure to our range of self-improvement content, they soon will actually be GettingOut and rebuilding their lives.


Zero Tolerance Policy

It is the policy of the Lackawanna County Prison to prohibit any form of sexual contact or sexual harassment with an inmate, staff member, visitor, volunteer, or contracted service.

Reporting acts of sexual abuse and sexual harassment within the Lackawanna County Prison

To Report allegations of sexual abuse taking place within the Lackawanna County Prison, during regular working hours call the Prison Rape Elimination Act Coordinator's Office at 570-963-6639 ext. 4577. During any other time, call the Lackawanna Prison at 570-963-6639 extension 0 and ask to speak with the Shift Commander. Please be prepared to give as much information as possible regarding the incident so that we may quickly and efficiently protect everyone involved. This report may be made anonymously but we request that all people making a report leave their name and number for further communication ". If an inmate files a sexual abuse on a grievance, the grievance will be withdrawn from the grievance process and given to assigned investigator. All internal investigations are processed within the prison, if it is criminal it is referred to the Lackawanna County District Attorney’s Office.

Administrative Contacts

Deputy Warden Operations, Colleen Orzel
Phone:  570-963-6639 x 4265
Email: Contact Me
Deputy Warden Security
Phone: 570-963-6639 x4523
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