Road Transportation
Lackawanna County is located at the heart of the I-80/I-81 corridor, and its businesses are within 500 miles from 96 million American and Canadian consumers. We are also located at a major crossroads' of North America's busiest metropolitan regions.

Road Transportation
Distance from the Scranton Metro Area
Binghamton, NY 60 miles Baltimore, MD 202 miles
Allentown, PA 75 miles Washington, DC 241 miles
Sparta, NJ 78 miles Pittsburgh, PA 280 miles
Morristown, NY 99 miles Buffalo, NY 280 miles
New York, NY 121 miles Boston, MA 294 miles
Harrisburg, PA 122 miles Erie, PA 324 miles
Philadelphia, PA 125 miles Toronto, ON 373 miles
Syracuse, NY 130 miles Cleveland, OH 375 miles
Wilmington, DE 142 miles Montreal, QE 381 miles